About Us

Founded on an intense obsession with Africanism and passion to elevate and empower the community at large with our specific focus being the rural areas. 

Ubuntu phambili , in English translates to Humanity Before All, which is the genesis of our company name.

We are a group of previously disadvantaged individuals who seek to bring dignity and honour to our people. We speak their language and understand their way of life and culture. We are strong custodians of the African Cultures and plan to continue in the fight to keep the African ways of life alive, this is paramount for our identity as Africans. HBA funeral directors is pedantic about the little things because we believe they make the bigger picture. Driven by passion for the people we are dedicated to serving. We are passionate about our brand and will stop at nothing to deliver only the best. We are strict on quality over quantity and are continuously assessing the locations of our branches
to be accessible to our clients.


Funerals covered


Expert Staff


To be the first choice Funeral service provider for All African people.


To afford all African people an opportunity to celebrate a life of their loved ones with
dignity and to offer this at the best price to suit their budget.


– Ubuntu

– Passion

– Africanism

– Honesty & Trust

– Attention to detail

– Service Excellence

– Adaptability